Breaking…. Potty-mouthed protestors at Barnes & Nobles Ann Coulter book signing in Costa Mesa, CA tonight (7-1)


Update: 9:30pm eastern…

A flash mob congregates, drop banners and begin profanity-laced chants and tirades (plenty of children present):

Update: 10:30pm eastern…

Authorities cancel Ann Coulter’s planned speech out of security fears, but agree to allow book signing.


As people exited the store with signed books, the mob threw garbage and chanted at them profanely:

“Go back to Europe asshole”
“Fu*k you whitey””
“Kill Ann Coulter

Two protestors made it through tight security and nearly assaulted Ms. Coulter before bodyguards could subdue them and security removed from the event



Orange County Congressman Dana Rorhbacher, who was in attendance (behind Ann in hat), described the protest as “despicable.”


“This is America. Ann has the right to write a book and these people have the right to protest. But putting lives in danger is repulsive…”