Something I’ve always wondered: If you’re having brain surgery and you get bored – can you whip out a six-string and get in a little acoustic practice? Or maybe you’re hot for one of the surgical assistants and want to impress her? Huh? Yeah – that’s the way you do it.



He knew something was wrong when he couldn’t remember names of people he had known forever and began stuttering. His worst fears were confirmed when he went to the doctor. He had a brain tumor.

Anthony is a gifted musician, and thankfully his tumor was operable. This means he life and music would be saved. This procedure would be very involved, so his surgery definitely wouldn’t be like all the rest.

The surgeons needed to know if they were literally wiring Anthony’s brain correctly. While under anesthesia and his brain literally exposed, Anthony serenaded the surgeons with his guitar playing.


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What a medical marvel. One that today’s medicine can even identify, let alone remove a tumor. And two that doctors know enough about the brain to rewire it like this.

God has truly blessed this man and given him a second chance at life.

Hell, I’ve give him a third for this feat…