I love it when the big guy gets hammered by a little guy. GO LITTLE GUYS!!

When someone doesn’t want to fight, they don’t always let you know. That’s the one thing about this video. This guy is not afraid to tell the other one to back off! He don’t want anything to do with him.

Actually looks like the ground may have had something to do with it, but the small guy has some training.

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When a guy tells you to quit playing, sometimes it’s best to just quit playing! Of course, a bully is always going to keep coming because of pride or stupidity. They don’t know how to leave a situation gracefully, which could lead to a very hilarious video.

You can see the guys who don’t want to fight. They lick their lips. Their eyes shift around and they look at everyone, hoping someone’s going to save them from the situation. But if they have to fight, you might want to watch out if you’re the bully. You don’t know what you are in for!


Maybe it wasn’t so fair..

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