Not kidding.  The Secret Service wants to keep track of when you are being sarcastic or sardonic.

Secret Service wants to keep track of when you are being sarcastic or sardonic.

Maybe if they monitored their agents like this, John Clancy might just turn the shipwreck around!

Seems for years that the Secret Service has been wanting to fully monitor social media. As reported by Susanne Posel:

Back in 2011, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was monitoring social media using a software program that instructed analysts to “create reports on certain items of interest that were found in social media searches, including policy directives and debates related to the department.””

 Then in 2014, the Secret Service was bidding on surveillance software that monitors and detects “sarcasm” on social media.

The guy in the video below is expecting a knock on his door any minute now, I guess?


Sorry. No data so far.


Seem the Secret Service is a little busy to do this anyway:

In October the investigator researching the Secret Service 2012 prostitution scandal in Colombia is arrested for prostitution in Florida. He resigned.

In December, a panel of outside experts delivered a report the Secret Service was starved for “leadership that rewards innovation and excellence and demands accountability.”

In March, two senior agents, one being second-in-command of President Obama’s detail, ran into a White House security barrier after drinking at a party. The men drove into the middle of an active bomb investigation.

Western Journalism reported that the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General released a report Wednesday which says the agents were ‘More Likely Than Not’ impaired by alcohol.

Meeting with congress later in March, Clancy testified that he wanted to build a full scale model of the White House. He also plays tug-of-war with the congressmen over the video of the drunk driving incident and is not forthcoming.

In April of this year, a 4 year old penetrated the perimeter of the White House. Security agents rushed to the north lawn with their weapons drawn as a toddler jumped over a small bike fence outside the White House gate.

That happened the same week that an off-duty Secret Service member was arrested and charged with first-degree attempted burglary

Also in April, Katie McGuire reported,  “Yet Another White House Fence Jumper Arrested!”

Most recently, Secret Service and the White House experienced another security breach when another Drone was successfully flown over the grounds.