12 Pictures Christians Are Sharing on Facebook

We’ve scoured Facebook looking for various meme’s that Christians are sharing. Here is what we are finding so far..

God destroyed the world during the Noah Flood because of the sin in humanity. His covenant was the Rainbow that He would never use water to destroy the earth again. Ironic- that now its used as a symbol for one of the reasons the flood happened in the first place.



People are also asking when Polygamy is going to start. The rational being it only takes something as fleeting as “love” to redefine marriage… what else can people love? 11540838_1160431007316886_7429853984054093518_n 14680_10152899150456705_1300572942598818399_n 11130196_10153157081736192_4322816486641262479_n 11539655_819206281509286_3362914007249028670_n


Tolerance is a one way street



Only 2.6 percent of Facebook changed their profile pictures but still there were sheep everywhere!


Libertarians be like…


Some people are changing their profile pictures to the Christian Flag…



This will make some people uneasy…


When Entertainment Weekly failed in trying to fit in…



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