15 Cartoons and Memes that Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Hates!

The Clintons are a uniquely American Media creation. The same media who gave us the Kardashians also give us Bill and Hillary Clinton. Two politicians completely propped up by the media despite every scandal in the world:

As always, a Hat Tip to A.F Bronco at Politically Incorrect 



In New York, Hillary gave a stump speech about the influences of money in politics from the millionaires and billionaires. She conveniently failed to mention the Clinton Foundation has raised over $2.5 billion dollars from countries where Christians are killed for their faith, women have zero rights, and to be Jewish would mean almost certain death.



She wants us to think she is fighting the millionaires and billionaires but will not tell the American people that she is worth several hundred million dollars after spending her entire adult life working for the government. Where did all that loot come from? For one, charging colleges $200,000 dollars to give a speech… instead of paying the tuition for someone else… it went into her pocket. But according to Hillary she is: 10382831_724579017588340_3438992479200677798_n


And while Bill Clinton would provide plenty of fodder for DailyLOL– we wonder the cost to the country when our former president becomes a laughing stock. For instance, when the internets were a blazed with what color a dress was– do we really want to see memes like this again?:



And when this happens again:



… And if Hillary is elected President do you really want the President of the United States spending time destroying the women her husband is stooping on the side? Remember Bill Clinton was accused of rape too…



But it’s not all about Bill….Hillary has her own scandals:




And while one person lost their job from lying about being in a combat zone while being shot at, the other wants to be the President of the United States. Can you guess which one?


Speaking of lying, do we really want to add to these boxes? You know if Hillary is the President there will be more scandals:



The Clinton’s get rich by lying to us…..yet  somehow this is acceptable. Why do we have double standards?


Not to mention when Obama was calling the Islamic State the “JV team” (he loves basketball sports analogies), she was supposed to be watching out for America:



Now, we have the Islamic State (ISIS) crossing the boarder in record numbers but no one seems to care:



So when do we get actual leadership?



When this happens?



Say it ain’t so America… Say it ain’t so.



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