Blonde Bully Meets Good Ol’ Basic Girl Ground and Pound

Girls do a lot of their violent acts by talking shit about each other. We throw ‘f*ck you b*tch’ jabs and finish it off with a knockout punch comment of about their fat ass, ugly face or [insert insult about looks here].  It’s the kind of fight that hurts much more in the long run than a physical fight, which is why it’s great when girls skip the complicated word games and get back to the basics of hair pulling with a side of ground and pound.  Judging by the bully’s lack of preparation for a fight (tie your hair back, amateur), it seems like she planned for this to be just a verbal altercation.   It starts with basic bully apparently confronting brunette girl for talking sh*t, but once basic bully starts pushing, brunette girl shuts the conversation down by throwing her on the ground by her hair (see? what did we tell you?) and giving her face a makeover with her fists.

Source: TheRichest

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