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Man Gets Struck By Lightning After Robbing a Church

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Guy Kicks Robber To The Head – Robber Gets Seizure

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What Girls Look At – Butt, Crotch or Biceps?

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Conservative TV Show Gets Punk’d by Secret Service Impersonator

Woman Chases Clown Down An Escalator After Pie Slap!

A Shocking and Disturbing video has just surfaced and it is going viral for the wrong reasons! [NSFW]

Elephant Gun Knocks Professional Shooter Over

This Girl In Yoga Pants Wears A Hidden Camera To Let Men Check Out Her Butt

Top Gun Fails 2015

Clam Comes Out Of Its Shell To Eat Some Salt On The Table…

The Stupidest, Most Hilarious, Attempt To Steal Alcohol In The Store

WORST Women Drivers in the WORLD

Hillary Clinton’s PRESIDENTIAL Announcement LITERALLY Brings Little Boy To TEARS Of SORROW!!

Biden To Female, “Buy A Shotgun…” Brilliant!

11 Ex Homosexual Testimonies that could change lives… One Word: Powerful [video]

[Breaking] Ann Coulter Attacked by Immigration Protestors at Book Signing…[Developing]

12 Pictures Christians Are Sharing on Facebook

Dad Rescues Girl From Thugs Trying to Maim Her [VIDEO]

If You Can Figure Out What This Guy Is Doing – Get Back to Me

Frozen performed and sung as never before; Awesome or Cringe worthy?

More Than You Care to Know About Rachel Dolezal – The White, Black Chick

Rachel Dolezal & Bruce Jenner Pictures blowing up Facebook right now (18 Photos)

Black people watching the ‪‎Rachel Dolezal‬ interview be like… Try to contain your laughter!

15 Cartoons and Memes that Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Hates!

Jimmy Kimmel Live Eviscerates the people of California in this video!

Gigantic Bully Picks On Tiny Man: BLAM! One Punch K-O | Video

25 Funny Reasons to Avoid Tinder… Pictures like these don’t lie! Sorry for the blonde in #6…