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Man Gets Struck By Lightning After Robbing a Church

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Guy Kicks Robber To The Head – Robber Gets Seizure

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What Girls Look At – Butt, Crotch or Biceps?

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25 Funny Reasons to Avoid Tinder… Pictures like these don’t lie! Sorry for the blonde in #6…

“My 16 y.o. daughter bought this thing” Mom says to Amazon… and then does something hilarious to prove the point!

Secret Service to Monitor Sarcasm

Meet the World’s Greatest Wife: And Her Red Face..

Liberal VS Conservative on Gun Rights: [VIDEO]

Starbucks Applauded Nationwide for Truth in Advertising

Facebook Reality Check: [PHOTO]

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Crazy & Fruity: Japanese Watermelon Carving Video is Nutso

Smart-ass Kid Tries to be Tough on Camera: Then This Happens..

Become a Highly Sought-After Artist – the Easy, LOL Way:

Bruce Jenner is Now a Woman, But Not Attracted to Men: How Does Kanye Feel?

Hippies Try to Burn Flag At LSU: BIG MISTAKE!

How All Seven Dwarfs Got a Taste on Oscar Night!

Joe the Plumber Asks: “Mac or PC? Better yet, Lib or Con?” [VIDEO]