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Man Gets Struck By Lightning After Robbing a Church

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Guy Kicks Robber To The Head – Robber Gets Seizure

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What Girls Look At – Butt, Crotch or Biceps?

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Girl Dances For Webcam, Dad Goes Completely Insane!

Not ‘Wedding Crashers’ But ‘Wedding Fainters’ [Watch] Them Pass Out And Recover

Clip Of Dog’s Response To Getting Slapped By Baby Goes Viral (Video)

RPG Fishing Afghan Style!

Funniest Cop Responds To ‘I Thought Cops Didn’t Give Pretty Girls Tickets…’ OUCH!

Christian Organization Allows Men To Shower With 15-Year-Old Girls


Hottest Politician on the Planet Stuffs More Than the Ballot Box

Marine Catches Thug Stomping On American Flag, So He Does This…

Are You the Friend?

Gang Burglars Vs Granny With Gun

Girls’ Clothing FAIL

The Mechanical Bull Is Hard

Woke Up Feeling Uninspired… Then I Saw THIS!

These Two Will Keep You In The Holiday Spirit All Year Long!

China’s Elite Female Bodyguards – The Billionaire’s Choice

NORAD Tracks Santa 2015

I Probably Would Have Crashed, Laughing if I Saw This:

CNN Anchor Ends Interview Over Guest’s Comments About Bill Clinton And Monica Lewinsky

One Man’s Incredible Waffle Wedded Wife

This is just too hard for some people and the Internet is loosing it’s mind over trying to find this Panda!

The Power of Christ Compels Him:

Transgender Father Leaves Family In Toronto To Start New Life As Six-Year-Old Girl

Instant Karma, Instant Justice For Multiple Robbery Losers