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Babes and Boats

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Genius! Pull Start A Vacuum?

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Lamborghini Changes Colors When Wet

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Security Cameras Capture Escalator Mishaps So We Keep Reliving Them!

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Oh No, Honey What Have You Done? Oh No, Honey, Chelsea’s Got A Gun

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[WATCH] Armed Robber Dives Through Window After Victim Fights Back With Golf Club

Best Knockouts That Were Surely Deserved (Well, Mostly…)

Insane Lightning Strike Does THIS To Girl In Australia

The Old ‘Pistol In The Jacket Pocket’ Trick. Does It Work?

Always Hit the Attacker When He is Talking

Big Trucker Destroys Woman Beater In Waffle House With THIS Technique

Free And Virtually Unlimited Fuel To Heat Your Home

Anti-Acne Honey Cinnamon Mask!

Guinness World Record’s Biggest Zit Ever!?

Girl Walks Around NYC With No Pants!

Apple Roses: Almost Too Beautiful To Eat (But I Will)

Dad Teaches His Son A Lesson For Being A Bully By Making Him Fight A Pro Boxer

When Bullying Goes Wrong: Size Doesn’t Matter. Nor Does Asking Stupid Questions…

Man Gropes Woman As She Sleeps On Train, Caught On Camera