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Jeb Supports Transgenders in the Military. Drives a Trans-Am. Admits the Whole Thing on VIDEO!

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Hilarious Zoo Fails!

Fireworks From Above Chicago: Or Is It? [VIDEO]

Home-Made Goop Cannon – Proof That Dreams Can Come True!

Amazing what this kid can do with a pool stick!

[Breaking] Ann Coulter Attacked by Immigration Protestors at Book Signing…[Developing]

[WATCH VIDEO] Of the Next Olympic Sport: Surfing Gymnastics

Dad Rescues Girl From Thugs Trying to Maim Her [VIDEO]

Death on the Cannonball Loop

What Happened at Your Last Family Reunion? I Hope Not This:

WOW – Now that’s a crash! Try Not to Laugh..

If You Can Figure Out What This Guy Is Doing – Get Back to Me

Mystery Video of the Day: “Who Done It?”

Darth Vader Shows Up at Trump Rally

Hold to Fold a Shirt FAST: [VIDEO]

Maybe the Funniest Two Guys I’ve Ever Watched! [VIDEO]

Tie Down Your Girl and Fly Away… [VIDEO]

Well That’s One Way to Get Her to Shut up: [VIDEO]

More Than You Care to Know About Rachel Dolezal – The White, Black Chick

Doggy High Wire Act \ Video

3 of Your Favorite Cat Videos:

You Think This is a Cute Dog? .. wrong

Gigantic Bully Picks On Tiny Man: BLAM! One Punch K-O | Video

Don’t You Love it When the Hardass Gets His Ass Kicked?