Concealed Carrier Uses The Old ‘Shoot Through Jacket Pocket Trick’ To Blast Mugger In The Chest

Is shooting through a jacket pocket a good idea? Perhaps it is, if the experience of this mugging victim are considered. Pocket shooting is a technique to be practiced, so checkout the video and decide if the technique is for you.

Buzzpo has the story…

MOBILE, Alab. – A concealed carrier was the victim of an armed robbery on Monday night, and when the bad guy grabbed for his wallet, he went for his gun.

The concealed carrier was unloading his groceries at approximately 8 p.m. at the Twin Oaks apartment complex. That’s when he was approached by another young man with a gun, who was later identified as 18 year-old Michael Clark.

The concealed carrier who had his handgun in a jacket pocket fired several shots, through the pocket, fatally striking Clark twice in the chest.

Adrian Moorer who witnessed part of the incident stated:

“We were watching Monday Night Raw and we heard about 3 or 4 shots go off in the area. We look out the window and the next thing we see is the shooter walking over there with his gun out. I had to stop my girlfriend who was on her way over to see what was going on. I advised her to get down and stay down. We didn’t know what was going on. Come to find out, the guy was trying to rob him. It really makes me think twice about being safe and stuff. I think I might have to go out and buy a gun now.”

The Mobile police department has a policy to not release the names of victims. Since the concealed carrier was actually the victim of an armed robbery, they refuse to release his name.“We don’t identify the victim in any particular crime,” explained police spokesman Terrence Perkins. “Although the subject is deceased, he’s not the victim of this crime. The actual victim is the person who was robbed.”Despite the overwhelming evidence pointing to self defense, District Attorney Ashley Rich States, “The investigators can certainly make their own conclusions, but I have not made a conclusion as the District Attorney because, in this situation, it’s prudent for this to go before a Grand Jury of 18 members of our community to look at all the circumstances and make a decision. That’s what a Grand Jury does.”

Surely this will be ruled self-defense, right?

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