Have you ever seen discarded wood so beautiful? STUNNING

Korean artist Jae Hyo Lee explains his thoughts and unique process behind his wooden masterpieces. A must watch! 

As these abandoned ugly trees are transformed into something beautiful using the unique growth rings and various cuts. So instead of being left to rot they are turned into the following: 

More info: leeart.name | artsy.net | YouTubewooden-sculptures-jae-hyo-lee-5 wooden-sculptures-jae-hyo-lee-32 wooden-sculptures-jae-hyo-lee-11 wooden-sculptures-jae-hyo-lee-15 wooden-sculptures-jae-hyo-lee-31 wooden-sculptures-jae-hyo-lee-12 wooden-sculptures-jae-hyo-lee-6 wooden-sculptures-jae-hyo-lee-19 wooden-sculptures-jae-hyo-lee-4 wooden-sculptures-jae-hyo-lee-13 wooden-sculptures-jae-hyo-lee-10 wooden-sculptures-jae-hyo-lee-9https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHQ1VTeMAIE


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