In John Deere Green? Rednecks steal lawn mower… but that’s not the best part!

r4a039470_X360_642x462In John Deere Green? That is the question everyone has to ask as it was found out there was a couple from Joplin, Missouri was caught with a stolen lawn mower. How did they get caught?

Glad you asked!

The report states that the couple, a man who was 55 years old and a women 40, (go old dude!), were skinny dipping in a creek (obviously the man’s idea). When someone stole their clothes. If I was a betting person I would go with a (friend) former friend as the perpetrator. Even though online accounts are suggesting it was a jilted EX. 

But I digress; they decided the best course of action was to steal a lawn mower and then ride it back home– you guessed it— NAKED! 

Billy Bob really does love Charlene…


Source: New York Post 

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