Lost Footage Surfaces on Family Friendly TV: But Will it Return? Ever?

The Carol Burnett Show was a favorite in family entertainment for many a year. A whole generation can remember sitting in front of the set with siblings, parents and grandparents to enjoy some hilarious comedy. The slapstick, dialogue, guest stars and costumes all complimented a terrific cast of regulars.

In this clip from the “Lost Episodes” Collection, we see the master Tim Conway introduce his “Oldest Man” character. No one could fall down a set of stairs with more grace than Conway. According to Burnett, at times the viewing audience would even claim that the show’s producers slowed the camera down to enhance his technique. That was not the case; it was all Conway.

Many will attest the best part of the show was the inner game played by the cast, doing their best to break each other up. When Harvey Korman gets the shoulders bobbing and puts his head down you know that Conway has gotten to him. This seemed to become a regular occurrence as they worked together more and more. In this scene, even Burnett is having a tough time controlling her laughter. The Holy Grail for Tim Conway was to get Vicki Lawrence to break rank–and that didn’t happen very often.

There is no doubt the cast of Burnett has provided its fans with tons of belly laughs over the years. They have certainly been responsible for a good amount of laughter amongst themselves as well. That’s why we loved them so much. It was easy to tell they enjoyed working with each other and that made it so much fun to watch.

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