Man Pops Giant Zit With TACK! Watch What Comes Out:

Oh yuck!! I just set down my breakfast…not sure I want to eat today, barf! Jason, sick and tired of his ganglion cyst that he nicknamed “The Wrist Cyst,” recently sought extreme measures to rid himself of the unsightly and painful blemish once and for all….

Mad World News has reported on Jason before, as he has used a similar tactic in the past. Although he then used a needle and has since even tried drilling the cyst in order to pop it, this time he’s tried a different weapon of choice – a tack on account of its “natural” stop, in hopes it doesn’t go in too far.

“It’s really big, it hurts. In the past I’ve done things to pop it by hammering a needle into it, which worked really well,” he said. “This time I’ve come up with a really good idea to take a pushpin and hammer the cyst.”

With the help of his wife, who would run both the camera and hammer device, the two prepared themselves and started swinging. With just a couple whacks, Jason let out quite the yelp indicating that the tack had penetrated his skin and cyst.

As is usually the case with cysts like this, the sufferer then squeezed it to relieve the pressure, resulting in quite the unsettling sight. Although most people think these are filled with pus, it turns out it’s not, and a clear, glue-like substance came oozing out

Removing the liquid from underneath the skin is ultimately a temporary solution, as it will need to be surgically removed. If this is not the case, the cyst simply comes back, thus Jason’s ability to release several videos on “The Wrist Cyst.” Unfortunately, it seems that even if it is removed, ganglion cysts have the tendency to return later on down the road.

Talk about painful! There must be a better way to get rid of this cyst…permanently!!


Source: The Minority Report Blog

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