Terrifying Moment Heroic Boy Saves His Toddler Sister From Vicious German Shepherd

15-month-old Kanchi Dhanani was attacked by a dog in a private garden. CCTV footage shows her brother Kashish, 10, fighting hard to protect her. He battled with German Shepherd for 10 minutes before setting her free.

Miraculously young Kanchi did not sustain any injuries, while her brother suffered only minor cuts and bruises.

Surveillance footage shows Sheru – a young German Shepherd – taking hold of 15-month-old Kanchi Dhanani in its mouth while her brother Kashish fights hard to protect her.

The siblings had been playing in the private gardens of their flat in Ahmedabad, India, last week when the 11-month-old dog launched its attack.

Mr Motiben’s son Arun Pasi, 34, denied claims the dog he co-owns is aggressive but admitted naming Sheru after the Hindi word for Tiger.

‘He has been a part of our family for ten months and I feel he was in a playful mood that day. My mother had taken him for a walk but forgot to carry the lead,’ he said.

‘She had sent my 12-year-old son to get it but within those ten minutes the unfortunate incident happened,’ he added.

Sheru has now been moved to a relative’s house in a different area of Ahemdabad.


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