[VIDEO] Special Forces Competition – Sniper Night Shooting With Flares

Sniper night shooting with flares.

FC 2011 is a military skills competition by military and law enforcement Special Operations teams in the Western Hemisphere that includes 19 countries including the U.S. There are multiple competitions that is designed to test all teams in confronting today’s global threats. The four basic areas are:

1. “Multinational Special Operators Skills Competition” will test on physical fitness, weapons marksmanship, aquatic skills, and tactical capabilities.

2. “Assault team competition” involves PT, a confidence course, close-quarter combat, a rucksack march, water event, and a O-course.

3. “Sniper team competition” composed of 5 events: PT, marksmanship, shoot and move, range estimation, and stalk and shoot events.

4. “Senior Leader Seminar” involves commander and senior level skills in multinational political and military relations involving today’s global threat.

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