[VIDEO] US Snipers Shooting Powerful M107 Barrett .50 At Boat

The rifle M82 Barrett (light fifty) is a semi-automatic rifle that using recovery gas system , produced by Barrett Firearms Company . It is a Sniper anti-material in caliber .50 BMG ( 12.7 × 99 mm NATO ). Thanks to the long-range and availability of highly effective ammunition (such as API or Raufoss M213), the M82 is very effective against targets like radar stations, trucks, planes and helicopters parked, but can be used to target soldiers away or behind guards; However, the task is not seemly all’M82 anti-man, as indeed even any other rifle cal .50. Data size and weight, it is not suited for use in short-range or of engagement instinctive. It is often compared with the sniper rifle Gepard M1 , antimateriale and power comparable. Thanks to the cartridge latest production Barrett (the .416), the rifle has further increased its reach and accuracy at the expense of stopping power.

Ronnie Barrett founded the Barrett Firearms with the sole purpose of producing sniper rifles chambered for the powerful ammunition .50 BMG (Browning machine gun), originally developed and used by heavy machine guns like the Browning M2HB . Barrett began his work in the early months of 1980 and the first guns were ready in 1982, hence the designation M82. Barrett continued to develop and improve his rifle through the first 80 years coming to the creation dell’M82A1 in 1986. The first real success was the purchase of 100 pieces by the Swedish army in 1989, followed in 1990-1991 when l ‘ American army began to buy large amounts of Barrett M82A1 for use in ‘ Operation Desert Shield (in Kuwait ) first and most famous Operation Desert Storm (Kuwait and Iraq ) then. The M82A1 is known by the US military as SASR (Special Applications Scoped Rifle – literally rifle with viewfinder for special applications) has been and is still used as a weapon anti-material and as a tool EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) explosive ordnance disposal. A further development has resulted in 1987 all’M82A2, a rifle bullpup that was designed to be able to shoot by holding it in the shoulder (earlier versions were in need of a tripod bipedal), evidently designed to hit moving targets like helicopters. This rifle was never a great success and was soon removed from production. The latest evolution of the series is the M82 rifle M82A1M also known as M82A3, adopted by ‘ USMC and produced in large numbers. The rifle is distinguished from the previous version as it has a guide type Picatinny which can be attacked the most various targeting systems. Other changes are the easing of the mechanics, the addition of a rear monopod, the system bipedal removable front and the muzzle brake improved. His successors, the Barrett M90 and M95 Barrett , were produced for that user who prefers a bolt-action rather than action semi automatic.

The barrel of the rifle is composed of two parts (upper and lower), printed in sheet steel and connected by cross-pin. The barrel is fluted to improve heat dissipation and save weight. On the muzzle brake has a large mouth that was in early versions of round section with two holes to the side while the following models are equipped with a brake always two holes per side but of rectangular section can reduce the effort of recoil of 65%. As for the sights, the rifle is often equipped with a 10x optical pitches which vary between 500 and 1800 meters, in any event are always present viewfinders folding metal. All the M82 series guns are equipped with folding handle for the transport and a Bipode also foldable (both removable in the model M82A3). Nell’M82A3 is also present a monopod located beneath the butt, while the terminal part of the calcium is equipped with shock absorber recoil spring. M82A1 and M82A3 models could be mounted on a tripod M3 or M122 (originally intended for machine guns) or on vehicles using the Barrett soft-mount (a special system that absorbs recoil). The M82A1 can be fitted with a carrying strap although due to the weight and size is very uncomfortable, it is usually placed in a hard carrying case or in a case. The rifle is transported disassembled into two parts and is assembled and ready to fire in less than a minute thanks to the inclusion of only two pins.

The rifle is the order of several armies and police; in Italy is supplied to the San Marco Regiment , the Parachute Regiment assault Col Moschin , the Carabinieri Regiment “Tuscania” , the GIS of the Carabinieri , the 17º Stormo raiders and the 4th Alpine Regiment Parachute “RANGER” .

The M82A1 was used in 2002 as a platform for the development of prototypes of OSW (Objective Sniper Weapon).  –Daily Military Defense & Archive


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