[WATCH] Final Flight Of Wingsuit Diver Victor Kovats Caught On Camera

The final flight of wingsuit diver Victor Kovats has been shown on Chinese state television. The Hungarian flyer died when his parachute failed to deploy after he jumped from a mountain cliff 100 metres high up in Zhangjiajie National Park on Tuesday. State news agency Xinhau reported around 200 firefighters and police officers were involved in the search for his body. Initial investigations said the cause of Kovats’ accident may have been a “technical problem during the trial.” Kovats was an experienced wingsuit flyer having completed 700 flights and 125 skydives since taking up the sport 6 years ago. He was due to take part in the second World Wingsuit Championship this week in Tianmen mountain where participants have to jump from 700-metre-high cliffs.

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