[WATCH] Store Owner Shoots Back At Armed Robbers

What does it mean to you to “win” a gunfight? This certainly isn’t it, though I applaud the store owner’s willingness to fight armed robbers armed with rifles. This kind of robbery teaches us several Active Self Protection lessons to bring into our ethic of self-defense.

More on the story here (Google Translate required): http://get-asp.com/survival

How do I protect myself from armed robbers?

1. Keep your firearm on your person! This shop owner had to go get the gun, and that cost him some significant time. Time was what he didn’t have, and it ran out. Keep your firearm on you.

2. Keep your firearm in ready condition! This owner did a fine job of chambering a round in the moment and didn’t short stroke it, but again it cost him MORE time that he didn’t have when he needed to be engaging armed robbers. Keep your firearm ready to use, and practice your draw until you can’t miss with it.

3. Move laterally or diagonally if possible. Moving straight backward is our natural inclination because it moves us away from danger, but it doesn’t actually move us away from the danger that a firearm poses because the range of the firearm is functionally unlimited. Move to the side or on the diagonal so that the armed robber has to shift their point of aim and you’ll have far greater chance of not being hit.

4. There is a difference between cover and concealment, but concealment is very valuable. For everyone but the highly trained, concealment is plenty of protection because we have a natural tendency to only shoot at what we can see. The armed robbers used concealment to keep the store owner from shooting at them effectively. Practice shooting through concealment to be ready to do so in a fight, and know what your rounds will penetrate!

5. Spiritual fitness is important, ASPers. This man went to meet his maker at a time that was not of his choosing, and that danger is real for all of us. Part of spiritual fitness is being at peace with God so that you’re ready to meet your Maker, because you don’t often get advanced notice.

Attitude. Skills. Plan.

Active Self Protection

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